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Publishing a book is worse than giving birth to an elephant -- as any publisher who has done so will gleefully tell you. Often with gruesome photographic evidence.

Did you know it takes a mama elephant 22 months before she gives birth to the baby elephant cooking up inside of her?  Elephants have the longest gestation period of any land animal.

Sucks to be them.

The only thing that could possibly be as excruciating, or as painful, or as filled with ecstatic highs and painful, God-awful lows, would be publishing.

Welcome to my Incoherent Publishing Ramblings Blog, where you will be able to follow all the trials and tribulations, profits and losses, joys and sorrows of Bromley Lippincott Publishing, an independent publishing company, and its plucky proprietress, Jennifer Shepherd. 


You will also occasionally find unauthorized posts by the viciously lazy Publishing Cats known to frequent our office -- despite frequent scoldings and discouragement.

Fasten your seatbelts. It's going to be a bumpy ride!


  Latest blog entries:

November 10, 2010: Don't Let Those Old But Familiar Publishing Villains Run Away With Your Book Profits - Learn How to Publish Your Own Ebook Today! -- Are you still stuck in the dinosaur age? Time to venture forward into the world of Ebook publishing. Even publishing an Ebook in simple PDF file format can be done quickly, cheaply, and profitably.

November 9, 2010: I'm Still Skeptical About the Kindle -- Is the Kindle just an evil device for anarchists and would-be criminal masterminds? Or might it actually be a cool thing? The jury is still out.

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bullet3  Ask the Publisher

Publishing on demand print books and Ebooks is an exciting but complicated business. Those who have been through the process will tell you that publishing is like receiving brain surgery without anesthesia -- and that's on a good day.

Since I've been through the publishing process, I want to share my "wisdom" (* cough, cough *) with other writers and publishers who have urgent questions about the whole messy business of book publishing. In my Ask the Publisher column, I'll respond to your questions about the how, what, when, where, and why of publishing -- and give you practical tips you can immediately put to use in your own publishing business. Whether you have an offiical "company" or choose to simply self-publish titles on your own, you'll find helpful info here.

To submit a question, just write to me at:  askthepublisher [at]  And be sure to subscribe to my feed so you can check back to see if your question has been answered.  Or, you know, you could just come back. Which would be nice. Sometimes, there's cats.

Ask the Publisher

November 12, 2010:  Will My Self-Published Book Be in Bookstores? -- Here at Ask the Publisher, we never sugar coat things. We figure that if you ask us a question, you want a straight answer -- right?  So, if you're asking about self-publishing a printed book and wondering if you will see your book in physical, brick and mortar bookstores -- I'm afraid that the answer to that is a resounding "No."  Are you willing to read further?  There is positive news to be had, I promise!

bullet4  Get a Book Published

Welcome to my Get a Book Published tutorial series. Here I'll be providing an extensive series of suggestions on how to get your book published. Whether you're an experienced author who is moving torward self-publishing or a beginning book writer eager to see your name in print (or in an Ebook), you'll enjoy this ongoing tutorial.

November 16, 2010: Get a Book Published -- Part One:  Do You Want Torture and Agony or Pleasure and Profit?--- If you want to get a book published, you need to decide early on if you want to make money and have fun or subject yourself to Chinese water torture, emotional and financial enslavement, and poverty. Seriously. That's the decision you have to make up front.

bullet5  Publishing Articles

The draconian hierarchy of crusty old publishing houses, affection withholding agents, and cutthroat distributors and "middle men" who take all your money before you see a dime from your publishing efforts is FINALLY collapsing. Welcome to the world of publish-on-demand, where a book is printed the moment it is ordered, and the world of publishing in Ebook formats for Ebook readers like the Kindle and the Nook.

Bromley Lippincott Publishing (the parent company of uses these outside the box publishing techniques to reach passionate readers from all over the world. But the path to publishing isn't always easy, and there are many adventures and challenges to be had in the world of publishing.

In this continuing series of up publishing articles, I'll write about self-publishing, Ebook publishing, and website marketing -- all of the tools I use to make REAL money without all the middle men and the hassles. If you're interested in publishing, I know you'll find helpful tips and user-friendly advice here. I'm already in the trenches -- let me show you how to get down and dirty and start making money from your own publishing efforts!

November 13, 2010: Book Publish for Profit---What are your real motivations for book publishing? For me, it's about sharing my expertise and life experience on an eclectic variety of subjects with as wide of an audience as possible.......AND making lots of money doing so. I figure that since I spent tons of time, money, and effort learning the stuff I'm writing about, I need to see some return on all that investment.